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Jodi Leclair is a Personal Trainer Certified through CanFitPro, and has been training since 2009. She is also a Certified Life Coach Practitioner with The CCF (Certified Coaches Federation)

Jodi specializes in Coaching and Training middle aged professionals who are stuck in a plateau with their health goals.

Russ Leclair is a certified personal trainer who brings 12 years of Nursing experience to his specialty of injury prevention and physical rehabilitation. He will help bring you back to or beyond your physical capabilities. As a former competitive strength athlete, Russ also provides a vast knowledge in hypertrophy and strength training.

At Inner Strength Training and Coaching, each client is entitled to a Free Assessment on their first visit. This allows both client and Trainer/Coach to identify personal goals and design a program that is best suitable for individual scheduling and personality.

I will partner with you to create a personalized health commitment by offering judgement free, inclusive, personalized Coaching and Training opportunities that allow you to come as you are.


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Certified Life Coaching Packages

Life Coaching is for individuals who want to make changes and move forward with their goals. As a Certified Coach Practitioner, I will guide you through a strategic plan to master your personal and professional goals. The opportunity for success for the coaching client dramatically increases by the process of changing habits and creating possibilities. Coaching will motivate you to take the next step on your journey to health and success.

Corporate Wellness Programs and Vision Board Workshops available upon request


Kickstart Your Goals

3 Month Commitment

6 Coaching Sessions

Dive Into Your Goals

6 Month Commitment

12 Coaching Sessions

Smash Your Goals

9 Month Commitment

18 Coaching Sessions




Working with a Certified Personal Trainer allows you to have accountability and support to reach you goals. Training will allow you to regain strength and muscle loss from injuries and surgeries, improve self confidence and offer stress relief. At Inner Strength we focus on body weight Strength Training, core strengthening, weight loss/gain, muscle building, improved balance and flexibility and better breathing techniques.



Our Personal Training packages


Somewhat Committed

Once Weekly

12 Personal Training Sessions in Three Months


Twice Weekly

24 Personal Training Sessions in Three Months

Totally Committed

Twice Weekly

48 Personal Training Sessions in Six Months


5 ladies

Jodi what an amazing line up you have. not too many trainers offer one on one sessions at such a reasonable rate. My granddaughter is really enjoying her work outs with you. Everyone i talk to really enjoys your many assorted classes, I hear nothing but good reviews. It is great to see someone in the fitness field that really cares and goes the extra mile. you are so wonderful , a breath of fresh air for this industry. thank you for being you. Eileen Malette February 14, 2017

Jodi has been coaching me for a few months now and I feel like I am back on track with my goals. I was feeling overwhelmed and insecure about my career, but afraid to make a change. Jodi helped me plan a future that is so passionate for me on every level! If you are contemplating hiring a Life Coach, Jodi is your best choice!! Thanks for your never ending support! T.L. September 2019

Very pleased and encouraged with Jodi’s fitness class in Pembroke. She is very motivating and supportive. I never thought I’d be excited to go to a fitness class. Thanks for your support Jodi. Adele Allard Varner January 26, 2017

A few weeks ago I integrated Life Coaching into my Personal Training regime with Jodi. The two really do go hand in hand! I have gained strength not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. Jodi has a way of guiding you through your cloudiness and clearing the way so you can make better life choices. I am thankful for the strategies she has taught and will continue to teach me in the future! I’m afraid you are stuck with me my girl!! F.C. November 2019

I had never considered a Life Coach until I met Jodi. She held my hand through some difficult decisions and led me to a choice I never thought I’d make! The encouragement and care she puts into her clients time is unforgettable. You will not be disappointed in her Coaching! M.B. May 2019

What a great trainer to work with! Jodi is very intuitive and has the knowledge and expertise for helping people of all ages and fitness levels with their goals! She instantly becomes your friend as well as your trainer. I highly recommend her to everyone! Give her a try, you won’t be sorry. Noella Chaput Stevens January 22, 2017

Recently I was feeling like I was drowning…in debt, in my career and in my personal life. I am proud to say my finances are stable, I have opened my own business and I am engaged to the woman of my dreams! Jodi helped me to see things from a different angle. To seek professional guidance from the proper people. To set goals and stick to them. Most of all, to love and forgive myself. I will always appreciate the push she gave me in so many directions and the positive cheering she sent my way daily! You are a gem my friend… J.C. December 2019